Our Hunts



The Moose might not be native to Newfoundland and Labrador, but like many visitors here, they decided to stay. And spread like wildfire. These majestic beasts tower over the land, weighing up-to 1,200lbs, with numbers estimated at upwards of 120,000. 

Woodland Caribou


The island portion of Newfoundland and Labrador is home to thousands of rare woodland caribou and the only non-resident hunt-able woodland caribou herds in the world. Non-resident hunters for woodland caribou have experienced more than a 90% success rate, with mature bulls weighing anywhere from 350 to 500 pounds 

Black Bear


The black bears of Newfoundland and Labrador tend to be bigger due to a genetic predisposition and low hunting pressures. Here, you’ll find approximately 10,000 of North America's black bears, some topping a  whopping 650 pounds. There are two black bear seasons – one in the spring (April – July) and one in the fall (September – November) with rifle or bow. You can also take two black bears (either sex) per licence.